So you purchased a wood-fired what? Join us for one of our workshops and you'll be up and running in no time.

We are always approached with a multitude of questions from folks about using wood fired ovens. While we attempt to answer as many as we can, we just don't have time at events to get into in-depth conversations so we've put together a few wood fired oven workshops that will guide interested people and new owners through the process of purchasing, constructing and most of all using a wood fired oven.

Wood Fired Pizza

pizza in wood burning oven Workshops are held Sunday afternoons between April and October between 1-4pm. Learn how to make Neapolitan style pizza. We will discuss types and size of wood to use including, firing up the oven, techniques and methods to light the oven and a general discussion about how long it takes for the oven to get up to temperature and how long to cool down, how to cure an oven, preparing the dough to use immediately and preparing dough in advance, cutting and weighing dough, how to top, loading the pizza into the oven, turning the pizza using the paddle, how to know when it's cooked, removing and cutting.

Taste testing the pizzas we make and comparing the different dough, talk about quality and casual question time where you get to ask about all the above and more. The workshop will end with closing the oven and leaving it ready for the next use.

$150 per person plus HST.

Workshops take place whenever we have three people participating. Maximum participants nine.

To take part in the pizza workshop please email us.

Running a Successful Wood-Fired Pizza Business

pizza oven There is a lot of information contained in this workshop, it is specifically designed for those who are planning to work professionally with a wood fired oven. These workshops are held year round on Sundays, 9-2pm.

We have incorporated the pizza making workshop into this workshop so you learn how to make the pizza as well as the practical concerns of running a business.

Some of the topics covered include purchasing a wood fired oven, manufacturers, importing, options available, which model for your needs, tools of the trade, what wood to burn, curing and understanding how a wood fired oven works, firing up your oven, how to know when it's ready to use, first offs, fixing spills, reheating the bricks, feeding the fire and closing down the oven at the end of the day.

Specific to those wanting to run a mobile pizza business will include topics such as prepping in advance for events, what and how much product to bring, working with dough in the heat, setting up and shutting down at an event, what Health Inspectors look for and how to pass a Health Inspection at a public event, concluding with how to become a vendor at public events and how to get bookings for private events. Contracts for private events, deposit amounts and dealing with clients, collecting fees and the difference between working public and private events.

We will have a half hour question and answer period to close off the workshop. From there we offer our support via email as needed to assist you on your wood fired oven journey.

$500 per person plus HST.

This workshop will take place whenever we have three participants. To take part in this workshop please email us.